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Lee Petulengro comes from one of the oldest known family of Palmists and Astrologers in the world. His family dates back to the 14th century and are true Romany. He has made predictions for Red Dragon and the South Wales Echo. He is now a regular columnist for The Magical Times Magazine and also gives free monthly horoscopes on the magazines website.


Lee is very media friendly and has appeared on television many times. His latest achievement to date was his award as Wales most popular Psychic and Medium.


His great granddad was the famous Xavier Petulengro who first came to Britain from Romania and was very well known for the 4 books that were published by Methuen in the early 1930s.

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A True Born Romany with a Genuine GIFT that will Astound you!

Celebrity Psychic and Root Worker

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My success rate: I have been doing spellwork for well over 20 years. I have many techniques that I use depending on the situation. I work with the Saints, folk Saints, Spirits and with ancestor Spirits. I have a 95% success rate. Most of my spellwork ends in the desired request. I am not God or a miracle worker so failure is to be expected at times. Anyone offering a guarantee on any spellwork performing is not being truthful. Before I can offer to any kind of spiritaul work for you I will need to do you a reading to see if I can help, as all spells have to be justified.


My grandmother was the famous gypsy Rosealee from the golden mile in Blackpool who read for lots of celebrities in her time.