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Readings with Lee Petulengro


A short list of some of the services that Lee provides can be seen below. Each

persons needs are different, this is reflected in the type and style of the reading offered.


Before paying for a reading or report please Contact Lee to check availability.

Astrology Birth Chart Report - £40.00

Discover how astrologically the very moment of birth impacts life, love, family relationships, career and more. It`s complete - concerning only you ! buy your personal birth chart report now.


Astrology Compatibility Reading - £80.00

Will you know your Soul mate when you meet? Is it really love or just a passing fancy? If this is true love, why the conflicts ? Get the answers you need. Order your personal compatibility report today.

Hoodoo Tarot Reading - Price £100

Do you want to know where your life path will take you? Are things going wrong in your life because some one as cursed you ?

Through consulting the hoodoo tarot. We will find all  these things out. Plus your life and relationship purposes. And connect to your guids and ancestors and a lot more. This is unlike any other card reading I offer.

Astrology Reports for Babies, Kids, Teens - £20.00

These astrology reports are highly recommended for parents or anyone caring for kids of all ages, from babies through to teenage years. This could be the most important report in astrology today.


Phone Reading - £50.00

A personal astrology Tarot reading will give you the answers you are looking for about life, love, the future and lots more. An astrological tarot reading lets you take a really good look at what`s going on right now as well as what lies ahead, my readings give you a glimpse of what Fate has in store for you, what it means and what actions can be taken. Discover what influences you and how.


Crystal Ball Reading - £100

The crystal ball shows both past present and future.

Through the crystal ball I can help my client with there love life and health, plus bring them good luck.